I have been involved in the creative world of design, digital illustration and advertising for over 6 years, working through the line on various creative campaigns.

It is a passion for the creative arts that fuelled the rise of Brand Spankin. Since entering the industry I have been fortunate to work with some great brands and agencies. I understand that design and visual identity are more than just shapes, words and colours, but that it is a unique language in which to engage a target audience.

It is through this visual communication that we are able to develop a relationship with the individual or target market. The style of the communication will directly relate to the message that you're looking to portray. This in turn is going to create the feeling or emotion you are trying to install in the users and consumers of your brand. It is this emotion the individual feels when associated with the brand that will start to mould and develop the brand identity. The concept of brand identity goes deeper than the face of your brand. When developing a brand identity I understand that the individual buying the product or wearing the brand is identifying with the message that the brand has created and what it represents. It is something they can relate to and identify themselves or want to be associated with. Brand Spankin thrives on this relationship.

I am always evolving the ways in which I communicate through visual arts. The idea of installing independence and pride into individuals through the power of branding makes me want to continually improve the mechanics needed to create that relationship. My style has many directions, from digital illustration to high-end corporate work. I like to mix the boundaries between the visuals and the message. I believe they are one and the same, as well as needing to work on their own. It is within this that the strengths of Brand Spankin lie. I find it utterly rewarding to pursue the perfect balance between image, text and colour for each project.

In summary

Message creates style > style creates identity > identity installs feeling > brand feeling is what the individual wants to be identified with and relate to.